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  Neo Trend Ltd. ( NTL ) was established in 2018. In the beginning, the key members were from Happy Pole Ltd. - it has 40 years history. After, the new members come on board continuously. In the era of continuously improving technology, the market competition has become internationalized. We take the challenges with our valuable experiences and passion .

  In order to maintain the competitive edge. We, Neo Trend Ltd., always insist on our belief in " Quality First and the most satisfactory Services " and keep introducing global advanced technology, products and equipment to meet various needs of customers. All the above and sequent efforts are the motive of continuous business Running with great experienced staff.


   We distribute advanced products and equipment in the fields of semiconductor, electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries.


     -- Semiconductor Package Equipment / Consumab|e Product
     -- Dicing saw and grinding parts,equipment maintain and repair service.
     -- BBS KINMEI / Chapman / Denka / Lasertek /
     -- NGK / OKK / QES / OKANO ELECTRIC / Otsuka
     -- MAX MART Automatic 300mm FOUP Opener 
     -- SKPT Spin Coating / Clean System
     -- Water Cooler and Water Temperature Control  System
     -- Frame / Cassette / Grip Ring / Chuck Table / CMP Pad


     -- TEXWIPE Wiper / Swab / Stationery /
     -- TEXWIPE Clean Solution / Mop / Post-CMP PVA Brushes
     -- ALMA Sticky Mat / Tape / Label.
     -- ANSELL Contaminaiton Control Gloves
     -- SHIN HAN Anti-Static / Ion Control Products
     -- Cleanroom Garment / Jacket / Pants/Footwear
     -- Cap and Disposable Shoe Cover / Cap Cover/ Face Mask etc…

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